• Azin Zamin Pouya provides following instrument for microscopic studies:

    Fluid inclusions laboratory

    This laboratory is equipped with a Ceti Microscopes, Magtex – P refracted light microscope for study of fluid inclusions besides a complete heating-freezing monitoring system, with the following specifications:

    ·         THMSG600 geology heating/freezing stage

    ·         TMS94 temperature programmer

    ·         THMS-LNP94/2 liquid nitrogen pump including 2L dewar

    ·         linksys temperature control software

    ·         stage clamp

    ·         ultra-violet (UV) microscope with excitation wavelength at 300-400 nm

    ·         synthetic fluid inclusion

    Optical mineralogy and petrography laboratory

    The petrography laboratory applies Motic RP70 polarized microscopes, capable of study on petrography and ore-mineral samples by refracted and reflected light, besides preparing microscopic images.

    Petrography & mineralogy sample preparation laboratory

    This laboratory is equipped with automatic slicing and polishing machines for preparation of thin, polished, and double polished sections.